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The ultimate gift card.

mGifts are mobile wallet enabled, reloadable gift cards. mGifts can be co-branded by any organizations and marketed to their customers via a simple email or mobile number.  mGifts do not require any new hardware, software, nor operational changes to accept and redeem. 


What is an mGift?

mGifts are mobile wallet enabled, reloadable gift cards. These cards have benefits and features no other gift card can deliver. mGifts often provide added discounts, rewards and incentives at participating merchants which increases their retail purchasing power. 

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What is an mGift?
How it Works

Merchant Offer

Merchants offer mGifts through their usual online advertising & marketing channels.

How does it work?
How it Works

Add to Wallet

Consumers seamlessly add mGifts to their mobile wallets.

How it Works

Tap to Pay

When consumers visit merchants, they tap their mGift to redeem it’s value, and then complete the rest of their payment as they normally would.

How it Works

Receive Customer Data & Analytics

Merchants receive a customer along with detailed transaction data & analytics.

Who is it for?
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Who Are We?

  • We close the loop between online engagement and offline conversion

  • We deliver relevant, real-time rewards and benefits to consumers

  • We bring accountability to the world of advertising by connecting consumers' online and mobile behaviour directly to offline transactions

  • We develop enterprise-grade solutions that integrate mobile communications, payment processing and real time data analytics to enrich consumer experience.

Want to learn more about mCards?

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Who are we?
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