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Quantify every dollar.

Close the loop between online engagement and offline conversion. Only pay when a customer is delivered.


Close the loop between online engagement and offline conversion. 


Only pay when a customer is delivered.


mGifts do not require merchants to change any aspect of their daily operations.


This means no hardware, no software, no POS integration, no staff training, no accounting changes, no barcode scanning.


In fact, the staff at your business do not even need to be aware of the promotion or marketing program that the customer was participating with in order to receive or use an mGift. 

Key Benefits
Key Benefits

See Exact ROI from your Online Ads

mGifts are mobile wallet enabled, reloadable gift cards. They are specifically designed for Retailers and Restaurants to run marketing and promotional campaigns that allow them to track their online to offline consumer engagement. 

Key Benefits

Easily Entice and Reward Customers

mGifts simplify both the merchant and consumer experience. Offer mGifts in ads, via existing marketing channels and social media to attract customers to your business, or reward your existing customers to increase brand loyalty.

Key Benefits

Control and Restrict mGifts

As a merchant, you can control and restrict how, where and when an mGift can be redeemed.  You can restrict mGifts based on:

User ID

Latitude & Longitude

Day of Week

Spend History


Validity Period

Spend at Time of Transaction


Expiry Period


Time of Day

& Much More

Key Benefits

Gather & Track Customer Behaviour

Each time a customer uses their mGift, you receive detailed analytics around their entire transaction. Track a customer right from impression to purchase.


Offer potential customers mGifts through ads, newsletters, loyalty programs, and more.

Customers seamlessly add mGifts to their mobile device.

Customers transact at your business using their mGift.  You only pay once the customer has transacted.

Customer receives a receipt that includes your branding.

How it Works

Our Services

Promotional Value

As a merchant, you are free to offer any value of promotional/marketing dollars you want to the customer's card. This promotional value is real dollars that the consumer is using to pay at your locations and is actually loaded onto the mGift card at the time of redemption. This means that every promotional dollar you make available is actually a dollar that you see back as real revenue through your tills at the locations where those promo-dollars have been redeemed. 


This serves two purposes:


  1. Simplicity: There are no adjustments, discounts, or changes to the point of sale systems at any of your locations to be able to accommodate different promotions or campaigns. 

  2. Efficiency: You are helping to boost the real revenue at your locations and capturing the exact data and impact of every marketing dollar you spend back through your business. If you give a consumer $10 to spend, you are only charged when that $10 is processed through the tills of one of your locations and captured as real revenue on their P&L. 



Billing & Reporting

mCards can provides detailed reporting that identifies which locations have received your promotional and marketing dollars and how much they have received. 

mCards can also automate the billing of promotional marketing dollars. This means that mCards will bill the locations that received the promotional funds for the value of the promo-dollars received and then put those funds back into the head office marketing float. With this program, Head Office’s Promotional budget is effectively re-circulated hundreds of times while still capturing all of the data, analytics and customer engagement that occurred at every offline retail location. 

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