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Cardholders receive a dynamic and personalized offer experience. Offers are communicated via Push Notification (for some apps) and SMS communications (for other programs). The offers are typically promotional gift value or spend and earn offers designed to drive customers to spend at participating locations.

  • Valuable promotional gifts

  • Relevant spend-based rewards

  • Seamless integration with the card

  • Real time communications and updates


Merchants who participate become part of the world’s most accountable marketing and advertising network. We deliver merchants 100% quantifiable results related directly to the cardholders we drove in and the amount each cardholder spent. We track the future visits of each cardholder so that a true ROI calculation is possible on an annualized basis. Best of all, merchants have simple and clear pricing.

  • Acquire new customers for only $5 per new customer

  • Retain or win back customers for only $2 per offer redeemed

  • Directory Listing & features page for only $1 per day

  • No hardware, software, or operation changes to your business

How it works

Participating merchants create compelling offers and rewards that we attach directly to our cardholders card and marketing communications program. Cardholders will receive communications and messaging promoting the business and its offer and incentivising our them to become the business’s customer.


When a cardholder arrives, they simply use their linked Rewards card to pay at the participating location and the rewards are automatically applied in the background.


The business receives 100% of the funds through their credit card terminal and PayWith reconciles both the offers and the marketing fees with the business post transaction. This means that the staff do not even need to be aware of the promotion or deal the consumer received.


In fact, there is no operational changes required at all. As a business, you simply agree to the terms and conditions of being part of the network and start using our marketing and advertising network to drive our customers to your business.  



Program operators can leverage our Merchant Funded Offers for their existing cardholders to add value and incentives for cardholders to join their programs. With an ever expanding merchant marketing network offering valuable rewards to the program operators card programs, the operators can begin to focus more on their business and less on trying to figure out how best to compete with other card operators for the attention and retention of their customers.


For Program Operators, PayWith’s merchant acquisition team is dedicated to helping grow their merchant network and engage their customers with valuable rewards.

  • Attract more cardholders & accounts.

  • Retain existing cardholders & accounts.

  • Increase Program Revenue

  • Positively impact the local community.

Program Operators
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